Links I Loved in 2018

To make things easier on myself and my easily distracted brain, I’m dedicating an entire page to linking to pieces of media (or commentary on media) that I’ve enjoyed this year! Instead of making a new post every month, EVERYTHING will be linked here!


Talkin’ ‘Bout Bad Girls

 I truly want the girls to be on the same playing field as the boys because you know what?  Women don’t get that in Real Life.  I’m not saying that all romance needs to be wish fulfillment but it should serve as a response to the social history around us.  If you love “bad boy” heroes – guess what?  It’s time to let the “bad girl” heroines have their day in the sun.

I Love “Black Panther” with All My Heart, and I Deserve to See My Queer Self in It Too

I want us to love on Black Panther, bravely and openly. But, we cannot forget the asterisk. We cannot forget that a significant achievement for black representation once again came on the back of forced black queer silence. It’s not the first time, and unfortunately it won’t be the last. We can embrace and celebrate Black Panther without losing track of that fact.

Review: Venom Is Weird, Dated, And A Waste Of A Perfectly Good Riz Ahmed

Whether Venom will make enough money to kickstart a franchise remains to be seen, but at the very least, the film will likely become a cult classic to some degree. When “like a turd on the wind” isn’t even your most memorable line, you know you’re on to something, though what that thing is I cannot say. At least the memes that come out of this will be more than worth it, and you know the Venom cosplayers are going to have a field day at the next SDCC quoting this. So, at least someone’s having fun.