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Supervillains (Not-So) Anonymous – Patreon Reward

For my darling Patrons ($5 and up) , this first short story for the month is about a (sort of) reformed supervillain who attends her first Supervillains Anonymous meeting and winds up getting in between a heavy hitter and a … Continue reading

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To Market, To Market

— To market, to market, to buy a plum bun/ Home again, home again, market is done. Maren walks two steps behind the governor’s wife on their way through the market near Fort Christensen, standing near enough to hear the … Continue reading

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The Kelpie in the Canal – Now Up On Patreon

At first, when Danae sees the horse in the canal, she thinks that she’s dreaming. This is one of the stories that is going to show up in my fantasy collection sometime in the early parts of next year. Set … Continue reading

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Don’t know from nothing – Original Fiction

Originally posted on Tumblr on September 28, 2013. After closing, Naeem’s bodyguard Malachi arrives at the café to deliver plenty of harsh words for Josie along with her clothes for the evening. Later, Josie gets the rug pulled from underneath … Continue reading

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What’s eating you? – Original Fiction

Original posted September 12, 2013 on Tumblr in response to the announcement of the Fantastic Beast film adaptation. Further story notes here. Josie is a witch and a waitress and usually, she’s damn good at being both. On what’s shaping … Continue reading

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The Insomniac – Flash Fiction

Malik wishes for sleep. Instead, he receives company and a command from his most confusing housemate. Malik can’t bring himself to go back to bed – back to the place where dark thoughts and waking nightmares burst into reality in … Continue reading

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[Flash Fiction] Cigarette Break

Content warning for suicidal ideation/thoughts, depiction of depression For the third time in a week and a half I consider jumping. To everyone I work with, it’s just a cigarette break. I look busy but uninterested in my own mortality … Continue reading

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[Fiction] Temptation Valley – Sharing

After a hectic first day, Sheriff Andrade invites Isabella for dinner. Twelve hours into her first week as a sheriff’s deputy and already Isabella wants to crawl back into her bed at the in and just stay there for days. … Continue reading

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Why is this the best Monday ever? Fireside Fiction Issue 26 is Live!

Fireside Fiction has their 26th issue out today!

It’s an awesome issue with four great stories and I’m not just saying that because one of them is mine. Continue reading

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[Fiction] Lucky Lunchbreak

There’s a toddler sitting at the counter in front of the bar.

Dean blinks twice at the fluffy-haired kid sitting up with her chubby hands flat on the counter. He doesn’t even bother to resist the urge to rub his eyes. Neither that nor blinking them helps. The kid is still there, sitting up on her knees in a cherry red bar stool with chocolate sauce smeared over the brown skin of her face and a crayon tucked behind one tiny brown ear.

The thing is though, that maybe Dean is hallucinating this — this kid. Maybe he’s seeing things because no one else is acting as if she’s even there. The bistro’s waitstaff wander around the small space without looking at her and no one even glances in their direction as Dean watches the toddler eventually get tired and plop back down in her chair. Continue reading

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