Empire State University Stories (A Marvel College AU series)

Originally published in 2014 on the AO3. This is a college AU for the MCU that was born out of a desire to have more Thor/Ororo and Sam/Steve. It’s still technically in progress, but it’s been YEARS.

Empire state university stories.png\


Ororo nearly falls head over heels for him.

The left heel on Ororo Munroe’s favorite pair of purple stiletto boots snaps on her way down the stairs of her 9AM history class.

Ororo pitches forward, arms windmilling about as she tries to snag hold of anything — or anyone — that can stop her fall, but her fingers slide over the railing on the nearby wall as though it’s not even there and at first glance, it looks like all of her remaining classmates are too far away to be very helpful.

Ororo squeezes her eyes shut in preparation for a painful tumble down the stairs and says a silent prayer of thanks to whatever force in the universe was behind her leaving her laptop back in the dorms.

But then —

Ororo doesn’t fall.Read More »


Double Booked (A Thor/Ororo Fanfic)

Originally published on the AO3 May 26, 2014 as part of Unconventional Courtship 2014Lightly edited to correct spelling/grammar errors.

Double booked

“Who are you?”

After three months of travelling, all Thor Odinson wants to do is sink into his own bed. The last thing he expects is to find a stark-naked woman already there….

Ororo Munroe wasn’t anticipating company either. Thor may be six feet four inches of pure muscle and boast a disturbingly sexy smile, but a fortnight in the South of France is the one thing standing between Ororo and her sanity—and she’s not about to give it up without a fight!

Because Ororo plays to win. The problem? Thor does, too. And with only one bed between them, things are about to get interesting….

Notes: Major thanks to Vonn for looking over this story for me and to my followers and friends on tumblr that put up with me wailing about everything from the ship itself to characterization worries. Based on the book Holiday With a Stranger by Christy McKellen.

Normally, relying on her instincts has always served Ororo Monroe well.

When floorboards in the quiet farmhouse creak in the minutes just after midnight, Ororo awakens instantly. Her eyes widen in the darkness, fear prickling along her spine as her mind immediately goes to the worst possible conclusion when she hears the muted thud of heavy footsteps come from someone making their way through the otherwise empty house.

Young woman all by herself in a secluded house in the middle of nowhere?

Yeah, Ororo’s seen that movie before and didn’t like it then either.

However, Ororo has an advantage. As far as she can remember, none of the poor young women in those horror movies were Omega-level mutants.Read More »

While You Sleep: A Black Panther Drabble Collection

While You Sleep - Title Card (1)

Four times T’challa watched someone sleep and one time that the tables are turned.

Absolutely un-beta’d. Spoilers for Black Panther abound. The last two snippets are set between the end of the final fight scene and the last scene in California. They also diverge from the end of the film.

Content warnings for character death, trauma from character death, and implied violence.


The first time that T’challa holds his newborn sister Shuri in his arms, he worries for a moment that he’ll drop her. Then she nuzzles close in her sleep, tiny lips parting with a smacking yawn, and he knows that he’d never hurt her. Not even on accident.

She’s hours old and so very small, warm and soft in the cradle of his elbow, her dark little face tucked up against his chest. She barely has any hair atop her head aside from a faint whisper of black hair that is pitch black and feather light against the dark brown of her skin.Read More »

Creche Duty: A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Creche Duty

Before Before the Awakening, stormtrooper FN-2187 is assigned creche duty. The experience is… illuminating.

Typically, FN-2187’s work assignments never take him through the creche. That section of the ship has their own sanitation workers and FN-2187 is not one of them. The hallways look unfamiliar as he walks through them and several times, he has to be nudged in the right direction by the impatient beeping of a sentry droid.

He hasn’t been back in the creche since he was old enough to handle a blaster properly. The creche is purposefully kept on the other side of the ship from recruits his age and the Stormtroopers that work with the children rarely knowingly interact with the children they once took care of. How could they, when everyone above the age of ten cycles wears a uniform?

However, after the creche on the Supremacy receives a larger than normal group of new recruits from a recent stop at Hays Minor, several of its former inhabitants are repurposed in order to help. It’s supposed to be a temporary assignment, especially for FN-2197. While his shifts in sanitation are on hold until other creche minders can be relocated from smaller, lesser ships in the First Order, his training – on Captain Phasma’s orders, no less – is still ongoing.

FN-2187 can’t allow himself to get used to working in the creche.

Not that there’s anything for him to get used to, of course.Read More »

Valentine’s Day Drabbles x 6

Six drabbles for Valentine’s Day and my (current) favorite ships.  Sort of NSFW.

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (MCU), Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson(DC Comics), Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy(DC Comics), Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne (DC Comics), Sasha Hadley/Zeke Parker (Original Fiction/Wizardverse), Alexandra Andrade/Isabella Pulido (Original Fiction/Temptation Valley)

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[Fan Fiction] Waking Up to Reality

Waking Up To Reality (3303 words) by MxStitch
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Isaac Lahey & Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Braeden (Teen Wolf)
Additional Tags: Sequel, Future Fic, Aftermath of Torture, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Humor, Injury, Healing, Background Relationships

The morning after the events of The World Is On Fire, Isaac wakes up to gaps in his memory and a sour taste in his mouth.

Late Last Night – Helena Bertinelli/Eve Moneypenny

Title: Late Last Night

Characters: future Helena Bertinelli/Eve Moneypenny with mentions of Dick Grayson, James Bond, Q, and The Tiger King of Kandahar

Rating: General

Contains: Flirting, subtle but significant spoilers for Spectre, Grayson #4, and Batman and Robin Eternal #2.

Summary: There are few secrets among spies.

Notes: Instead of writing the Spectre review I took 12 pages of notes for this morning while I was in the theater, I just sat down and wrote a story about two of the most powerful Black women in the spy genre (James Bond‘s Eve Moneypenny and Grayson‘s Helena Bertinelli) having a friendship and maybe (eventually) a little something more. If you squint, there are definite allusions to Moneypenny/Q/Bond and Helena/Dick too. Because that’s how I roll.

There are no secrets in SPYRAL.

Not even for its current director.

No – especially for its current director.Read More »

Let it be okay (Isaac Lahey & Stiles Stilinski – Teen Wolf TV)

Let it be okay
Chapters/Wordcount: 4/4 (18,094 words)
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Isaac Lahey & Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey & Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Original Characters, Original Non-Human Character(s)
Additional Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Post-Season/Series 02 AU, Future Fic, Harm to Children, Threats of Violence, Stalking, Enemies to Friends, Snark, Snarky Stiles, Background Relationships

It’s their last few months before graduation and just once, Stiles would like to exist without something freaky and violent coming to kill them for no good reason.

After Scott and Stiles’ pack takes in a family of werewolves on the run from their own pack, Stiles winds up in a pretty bad situation with the absolute last person he ever expected to be stuck with. With werewolves at the doors and an injury that Stiles can’t figure out how to fix, things go from bad to worse and Stiles… Well Stiles doesn’t know if they’ll survive until the cavalry comes.

Notes: This is a commission for AO3 user tristen84 and a major labor of love.

I wanted to think about the Teen Wolf characters as they could’ve been and so while I pulled a bit from latter seasons (Allison Argent’s desire to sort of rebrand the Argents and Derek’s thing where he turns into a full wolf), this is more like my take on the series as it could’ve been post season two.

It took me about five months to write, edit, and post completely but I think the quality of the story and the relationship the characters develop kind of (almost) makes up for that. I loved getting to get into Stiles’ head and develop him as a character because I’ve never written him in a story this long. We’re in his POV for the most part and seeing the world through his eyes and it’s been enlightening because I’ve been balancing headcanon with canon and that’s always tricky. I think that I’m starting to get Stiles a bit better and seeing through the snark to the good guy he really could be if canon wasn’t so wonky.

So I’m super thankful for the experience and the chance to write 18,000 words of  Stiles and Isaac saving the day!


A Thousand Masks (Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne – DC Comics)

Title: A thousand masks
Fandom: Batman (Comics)
Pairing/Characters: Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, Gilda Chen, Silver St. Cloud
Rating: Mature/Low R
Length: 7600 words
After eight years abroad, Bruce Wayne comes back into Gotham just in time to celebrate the new year.

Apparently, being Gotham City’s hard-partying prodigal son is hard work, and Bruce seems to have no time for a lowly ADA. Even if said ADA is probably the only real friend that Bruce even has left in this godforsaken city.

Four weeks to the day after his arrival back in Gotham, Bruce waltzes into Harvey’s office on the third floor of the District Attorney’s office as though it hasn’t been a month of Harvey playing phone tag and dealing out assorted excuses.
Contains: Unhealthy relationship, mild sexual content, angst

Beta Credit:  My friends Meeya and Fleet who are amazing, patient, and insightful beta readers. Without them, I couldn’t have gotten this story to its full potential.

Notes: Originally written and posted for Birthmonth 2014, this is probably the one piece of fiction that I’m eternally proud of and super pissed over how fandom never quite registered my talents or the ship’s strength. Since it’s Birthmonth 2015 now, I decided to put it up here on my blog so that other people could read it because I think it’s just fabulous!

This story draws a bit heavily from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One  and is technically canon compliant. It also makes subtle nods to numerous parts of canon aside from B:YO including a few bits I got from the Batman Files.

There’s also a bit of lowkey racebending going on. As always, my Harvey Dent is biracial and in this incarnation, is played by a young Mark Taylor. On top of that, I decided to play a bit with my Gilda headcanons since she’s so underused by canon and slipped some of that into the story as well. In my head, she’s played by Guo Xue Fu (thanks in part to a recent marathon session of one of her dramas).

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