Tiny Titans S2 E1 Reaction Post

Titans was the reason why I signed up for DC Universe in the first place way back when the platform was first announced. I’d been in the DC fandom as a fic writer and frequent shouter, so I was prepared for the worst with the show… but I wanted to watch it anyway.

For the most part, I really liked a lot of the first season. It has its issues – and, I have like three posts in-progress about it that I may finish eventually and post on here – but for the most part it’s the kind of show that I like. It’s a show made with fandom in mind, not just fans so definitely it has a lot of content that feels tailor-made for me.

So here’s the thing with the first episode of Titans‘ second season: it feels like the finale of the first one. I think that’s because… that’s what it actually was.

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Protected: [Video] Black Women, Hated: Layers of Misogynoir in Fandom Spaces – PCA 2019 (Early Access For Patrons)

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[Video] Stitch Tackles TK Park’s K Pop in the Age of Cultural Appropriation

Some commentary on this whole thing and why these conversations are necessary:

The way Blackness is portrayed & performed across kpop is impossible to miss unless you work at being ignorant. Appropriation of Blackness – hair, slang, aesthetic, etc – is infused into the past what… 30 yrs of kpop?

I made a point of making “Cultural Appropriation” one of the main article segments in this series as I was planning it because I got sick and tired of seeing how kpop fandom at large refused to learn and listen – especially to Black fans – about why cultural appropriation hurts.

“But as Americans who shape American pop culture, African Americans’ power is incomparably greater than any non-Americans’, including Koreans’.”

A thing that came up across the research for this segment in TK Park’s quote in the above tweet and several Korean & Korean Americans scholars, performers, and fans is I’ve come across involves them assigning tons of privilege to African Americans because of their US citizenship.

Like TK Park and a ridiculously wide amount of people – especially in conversations about cultural appropriation and Korean pop/hip hop – genuinely seem to think that being Black in the US negates the fact that we live in an antiblack world where we’re oppressed endlessly.

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Stitch Does Stuff in September

Sup sweeties?

In case you didn’t know (possibly because you’re not on the US’ East Coast or because you’re not in the US at all), September (the peak month for the Atlantic Hurricane season) started with Hurricane Dorian inching its way up across the Bahamas towards Florida.

While Florida has yet to feel anything resembling its full force, the Bahamas have been devastated due to the storm landing and then stalling as a Category 5 and then 4 for about two days. The images of destruction from the high winds and storm surge that I’ve seen so far are horrifying and the island nation will be recovering from this storm for years to come. (And note that this is just the start of peak season. There are other hurricanes just waiting to form and the Bahamas generally gets some level of storms as the season progresses.)

If you’re looking for a way to help the Bahamas, National Association of the Bahamas is collecting donations. This article from Local 10 in Miami has a list of local donation drives and other places collecting financial and physical donations and I’m sure there are other official sources that’ll come up once the Bahamian government is able to see exactly what it needs.

If you can donate to help the Bahamas, please do.

Now on to the less serious stuff: September will be shaped by what storms we get and how much work I can get done before the storms start forming in seriousness after September 10th. So, while my goal is to stick as closely to my schedule and get content out when they’re supposed to be out, hurricane season is not on my side.

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Hurricane-Related Hiatus (ETA: 9/3)

ETA: I legitimately have NO idea what this hurricane is doing or when it’s doing it. Right now it’s off the Florida coast pummeling the Bahamas and it’s supposed to go north at some point today. Who the hell knows. But for the time being, I guess I’m on hiatus from my hurricane hiatus?


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Stitch @ Book Net Fest 2019

Last year’s Book Net Fest was pretty awesome. My first time going to the local (ish) celebration up in Orlando, Florida was incredible. I loved the panels I was on as well as the panels I sat in on. It was nice to be surrounded by fellow book nerds and bask in the nerdiness.

So, I’m doing it again this year.

I’ll be taking the train up with my beloved B (mother of my favorite baby cryptid) Saturday September 7, 2019 to spend the next 24 hours in Orlando!

I know it’s supremely short notice if you’re not in the area, but if you are, I’m looking forward to seeing y’all!

I’ll be on two panels this year, both on Saturday:

Fandom Origin Stories from 3-4pm

Authorial Intent from 4:15-5:15pm

Depending on how much I can handle socializing, I’ll be going to the Prom but if not, I’ll probably do what I did last time: camp out in the bar being interesting and tipsy that Saturday night. We’ll see how this goes!

Now for some linkage:

The last day to purchase a badge on the website is Wednesday, September 4th.

Additionally, BNF is still doing fundraising to help cover the cost of renting the space and equipment. Even if you’re not going, it’s a worthwhile fundraiser to help the book community in Florida keep hosting this event in the future!

Thanks to the nature of taking the train up to Orlando and then an Uber across the darn city, I’m not entirely sure when we’ll get to the hotel aside from “before my panel”, but I’m really going to do my best to be my best!!

I can’t wait to see y’all there!


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Series Squee: Grayson

Who wrote this series?

Grayson was a series primarily created by the writer duo of Tim Seeley and Tom King with art primarily by Mikel Janin, colors by Jeromy Cox, and letters by Carlos M. Mangual. There are other writer and artist teams across this series, most notably for the final arc once the main workers were placed on other DC books. We’ll get to them in a minute since naming them will be going in hand with me fussing about them.

What’s this series about?

Following the Forever Evil event that took place across several DC books back in 2013/2014, Dick Grayson’s identity as Nightwing was revealed to the world. As a result of that identity crisis, Dick Grayson goes undercover to hide his connection to Batman/Bruce Wayne at St. Hadrian’s, a private finishing school for female supervillains and spies first seen in Batman, Incorporated. So Dick winds up doing double duty as a spy and as a teacher to the next generation of spies, all going along with Dick’s globetrotting adventures as an agent of the mysterious SPYRAL.

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: The (Un)Magic of Intent

I’m gonna be real here:

Most of the time, people aren’t creating problematic or harmful content with the intent to hurt other people.

Honestly, even in an age where spite fuels so much of fandom, a majority of people in fandom aren’t creating content based on the negative feelings that other folks inspire in them.

Mostly because well… who has time to spite-create so seriously?

So yeah, when folks write certain kinds of content in fandom, chances are that when they say “I didn’t mean to offend/hurt anyone” that they absolutely mean it.

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Survey Central

If you’ve got some free time and enjoy making your voice heard, swing by this sweet survey and fill out the responses so that you can help shape the future of my site’s content!

While I’m obviously writing a lot of content for myself and that aligns with my own interests, your voices and views matter!

Please let me know what content – here and/or on Patreon – you want to see more of, you want to see less of, or how I can make content you just enjoy consuming in the fandoms you like!

Thank you!


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[Video] The Cultural Appropriation Conversation: So Very Hairy

“The harm of cultural appropriation lies in how the people doing the appropriation of a minority group’s culture, removing it from its context, dehumanize the minority group and dismiss their concerns or humanity.”

Cultural Appropriation in the Age of K-Pop
Part One: https://stitchmediamix.com/?p=8351
Part Two: https://stitchmediamix.com/?p=8361

Sundai Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IFFkexNZOQ
Melanated Butterfly: https://melanatedbutterfly.com/being-black-in-south-korea/
Different in Korea: https://differentinkorea.wordpress.com/

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