Stats and Bio

Who I Am

Stitch is a freelance journalist and rogue fandom/media studies scholar in Florida. Since 2015, she’s run Stitch’s Media Mix, a digital culture and arts publication focusing on real, down to earth critical analysis of international pop culture and the Western arm of the fandoms they spawn. On the site, their work looks at queer sub/text in superhero comics, performances of anti/Blackness in Korean pop and hip hop, gender and race in urban fantasy, as well as race and racism (primarily antiblackness) in fandom spaces. They have publication credits in Fireside Fiction, The Mary Sue, Strange Horizons, ComicsAlliance, Teen Vogue, and Women Write About Comics.  You can find her at Stitch’s Media Mix and on twitter as @stitchmediamix

What I’m Looking For

  • An agent for non-fiction and fiction work
  • An agent for speaking or lecture opportunities
  • A staff writer position covering entertainment news and reviews
  • Paid interview opportunities with actors, pop stars, or rappers globally

What I Do

  • Pop culture writing
  • Fandom analysis and consultation
  • Book, film, and food (snack or beverage) reviews
  • Event hosting/moderating
  • Sponsored Posts/Ads
  • Sensitivity reading and editing
  • Marketing – copywriting, copy editing, and social media management
  • Conference, convention, and podcast appearances
  • Guest lecturer, academia
  • Fiction writing

What I’ve Done

  • Fan Service column in Teen Vogue (Jan 2021-Present)
  • Bylines in ColorBloq, Strange Horizons, The Mary Sue, The Verge, Slate… and more
  • Won Ignyte Award for Critics 2021
  • Interviewed Lil Nas X, Zendaya, pH-1, Junji Ito, Kelly Marie Tran, the cast of Netflix’s Resident Evil, and Caleb McLaughlin
  • Spoke at PCA (2017, 2019, and 2021) and Fan Studies Network’s national conference

Twitter and Website Statistics

  • Twitter:
    • 1.25 million impressions a month, minimum (highest 2.98 million in March 2022, average of 1.43 million impressions)
    • 100k Profile visits a month, minimum (highest was 356k in March 2022, average of 184k)
    • 6.2k followers and growing
    • Verified Twitter Account
  • Website
    • Started in 2015
    • Had 206k views and 96k visitors in 2021
    • On track for
    • A main reference site for coverage of racism in fandom spaces and in mainstream media
      • Cited in academic texts/lectures and news
    • Average 10k views a month
    • Over 1 million published written since 2015

Where I Do It/How To Get In Touch