I’ve Got Rates

This is a page in progress for me to link to whenever folks ask me what my editing and/or sensitivity reader rates are.

At this moment (8/18/2018), my rates are $10 USD an hour with a 5 hour minimum.

If you prefer to work with hard copies of your work, add in print costs ($0.08 at Staples) and postage (likely less than five bucks at the absolute most).

For editing and the like, I’m capable of doing:

  • Proofreading
  • Line edits
  • Pointing out issues in character voice and with plot holes

And I have a Masters in English so I mean… That can’t possibly hurt.

For sensitivity reading, I can give you advice on writing characters that are:

  • Black (at different class levels because I’ve lived one heck of a life)
  • Queer
  • Dealing with Depression and/or anxiety

And I’m always ready to give in-depth feedback on fantasy work – especially contemporary fantasy and/or urban fantasy – as that’s the genre I have the most experience in.

You can email me at stitch.media.mix@gmail.com