[Signal Boost] New Beginning for Homeless Mom

Signal Boost - E A DevineNote from the Stitch: I’m signal boosting this fundraiser for E.A. Devine, one of my  wonderful Twittah followers who is trying her best to get her mother in a good position after tragedy and loss have rocked her world. Let’s get 2016 started right by helping her help her mother get on the right track!

Information from E.A. Devine’s GoFundMe:

Mother’s Day, 2004: mom had a head on collision, shattered her pelvis and foot, and doctors put her back together with titanium pins, plates, and screws.

When she was able to walk, she continued to work two jobs at a time with her partner to support their two children.  She was in severe pain most nights.

2014: Dad, her partner of 22 years was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer.

He chose to continue working while going through chemotherapy and radiation.  When he was unable to work anymore, mom took care of him full time.

March of 2015: mom and dad married after 22 years together and raising two children.

Dad died five days later.

The bills took everything.  Mom lost the home they loved, enough belongings to fill a house is reduced to enough to fill a closet, and the car was eventually taken.

September, 2015: I have spent my life watching my parents work themselves to death just to suffer and lose everything.  I want to see my dad every day.  I want to see my mom flourish.

She now stays with a friend, and has to ask for rides.  Things are far enough away that to walk places to apply for work causes crippling pain.  She has been denied disability twice.

Her birthday is fast approaching.  When I asked her what she wanted, she said: “I want to be able to do things under my own power, without asking everyone else for help.”

It will be her first birthday since her husband died.  She lost the home they loved.  They loved the area so much that we scattered dad’s ashes near it.  She wants to go back.

I may have found a way.

I have found a deal for a tiny fully furnished house AND a working vehicle for $8,500 three miles from their former home.  I’ve also found a four-month education program for a field she wants to enter for $1500.  The career wouldn’t be physically demanding and she could work from anywhere.

The challenge: Our family is financially decimated.  I go to school full time and work full time.  My brother has just gotten his first job.  Between us we make enough to all barely survive.

The goal:  If we can somehow raise $10,000, mom can have a place of her own, a working vehicle, and an education that will allow her to support herself and maintain her independence without destroying her body or living in agony.

Will you help us give our mom the gift of a lifetime?

I know how every little bit helps when you’re trying to reach a goal as important as this one.

So share with your friends, your followers, your boss! Please also support her fundraising  when and/or if you can because every dollar will go towards getting E.A. Devine’s mother in a position to get a place and remain independent while not taxing herself too much. That’s really something that everyone should have the chance to attain, you know!