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Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.

Fandom Racism 101: Clocking and Closing The Empathy Gap

How does fandom’s empathy gap come into play when the trauma of POC is on the table? Why does the empathy that fans extend to white characters, fans, and performers, hit a hard wall at POC – especially when it comes to Black characters, fans, and performers in my direct experience? Continue reading

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Stitch Has July (Writing) Plans

June… happened hard. To be entirely honest here, June was probably the busiest I’ve been aside from the first two weeks of January where I was documenting the racism Rey/Kylo fans were slinging John Boyega’s way. June was ALSO (I … Continue reading

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Stitch’s Hamilfilm Thoughts

As always, if you don’t like when things you like get criticized on any level… skip this post, beloveds! My friend K got me into Hamilton. K and I met in our senior seminar in the history department at our … Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 6: When Black Lives Matter, But Black Opinions Don’t

They’ve bought the books. they own White Fragility. They share their few friends of colors’ GoFundMe ease and cashapps. They really do care about racism in the abstract.

And of course, they definitely don’t want Black people being killed because we’re Black, but they also don’t really care about us as people. Continue reading

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Romance Is A Bonus Book: Roughly Retrospective

Every time I rewatch Romance is a Bonus Book, I’m overwhelmed by how much fierce fondness I feel for the leads. Continue reading

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Antiblackness in (Service of) the Archive: A Statement

Huge chunks of transformative fandom are currently playing the most actively antiblack game of telephone in the world. And I’m the subject. What will I be by the time they’re done? I’m already being compared to trans exclusionary radical feminists … Continue reading

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Thread Collection: Antiblackness in the Archive (6/14)

I just did a thread on Twitter about the specific ways that antiblackness manifests in fandom via fanworks on the Archive of Our Own (or any other hosting site, to be fair) revolving around punishing, harming, killing, etc Black characters … Continue reading

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[Video] Stitch Celebrates 7 Years of Bangtan

Celebratory fandom for y’all! Here’s to seven more years with BTS! I wasn’t there for the beginning, but I do hope to be here until the end!

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I Am Not My White Friends’ Keeper

Here’s an interesting fact that you might not have known before this very moment: I, the Stitch, am apparently responsible for the behavior of any white person I am friendly or friends with inside of fandom. It doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

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Why Write About Fandom Racism At A Time Like This?

The short answer? We live in a racist world and that world doesn’t stop existing when someone crosses over some kind of threshold to fandom. The long answer? In fact, because fandom communities are insular and twist themselves in circles … Continue reading

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On Korean Artists Using Their Platforms to Say that Black Lives Matter

I didn’t expect that I’d be writing about the Black Lives Matter movement in the context of Korean pop and hip hop music – or their fandoms. But that’s what this post is actually about – barring some all too … Continue reading

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June Content Calendar

I don’t really have an intro to June’s (hopefully) upcoming content. I genuinely don’t have the energy right now. If you haven’t checked out the one post I’ve done so far about what’s going on in the US following the … Continue reading

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This Shit Is Hard (On Current Antiblack Events)

It is very difficult to create meaningful, hopeful content at a time like this when we are watching Black people around the country protest our continuing oppression and the fact that our murders can now be recorded… and ignored because … Continue reading

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Stitch Reviews D-2

Spotify/Buzzsprout This is a bonus episode because I am nothing if not extremely extra and I had thoughts about Yoongi’s second outing as Agust D. (90% Positive, I promise.) Have you listened to Episode 3 – Stitch Talks Map of … Continue reading

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Fandom Racism 101: Introduction

The first time I used the hashtag #WhatFandomRacismLooksLike, it was March 2018 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom post-Black Panther was hell. Despite everything that Black fans in the fandom had been trying to prepare ourselves for from the fandom, … Continue reading

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