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Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.

“What if a white guy played Black Panther?: The Fake Concern of Fake Geek Guys

Whenever I talk about racebending as a concept when it comes to comics and comics-related properties, smartasses always show up to say something snarky like “what if Black Panther or some other Black hero were a white guy”. They crowd … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Injection Burn: A Dire Earth Novel

Title: Injection Burn: A Dire Earth Novel Author: Jason M. Hough Rating: Recommended Genre/Category: Science Fiction, Aliens, Futuristic, Artificial Intelligence Release Date: May 30, 2017 Publisher: Del Ray Order Here: AMAZON (KINDLE) | BARNES AND NOBLE Note: I received a … Continue reading

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What It’s Like Being Fandom Critical While Black

If we adopted Scientologist terms in fandom I’d probably be deemed as a negative influence or suppressive person because of the way I talk about the things I’ve seen and experienced in fandom spaces. I’ve had my opinions invalidated, my … Continue reading

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White Feminism Strikes Again: American Gods Edition

I can’t imagine watching a show like American Gods where Shadow Moon (played by Ricky Whittle) and then writing an honest to god article about how his undead wife Laura was the actual star of the show. I mean, erasing … Continue reading

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[Book Review] River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey

Title: River of Teeth Authors: Sarah Gailey (Twitter) Rating: Recommended With Criticism Genre/Category: Historical Fiction, Western, Queer Fiction, Hippos, Alternate History Release Date: May 23, 2017 Publisher: Tor.Com Publishing Order Here: BARNES AND NOBLE | AMAZON (KINDLE) Note: I received … Continue reading

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Links I Liked – May

I don’t want to say that this will be a regular feature since I’m shit at regular features, but here are some links to cool and interesting things I’ve read or seen online this month! Brown bodies in white spaces: … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Wicked Wonders by Ellen Klages

Title: Wicked Wonders Author: Ellen Klages (Twitter) Rating: Recommended (Sort of) Genre/Category: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Story Collection, Queer Fiction Release Date: May 2, 2017 Publisher:  Tachyon Publications Order Here: AMAZON | TACHYON PUBLICATIONS Note: I received a … Continue reading

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Spring Semester Summary

In absolutely unsurprising news (to everyone BUT me): I have another semester of straight As.  This means that I’m basically 3 credits and a completed Thesis away from having my MA. Holy crap! This semester has been… a lot.

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[Book Review] Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology

Title: Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology Editors: Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson Authors: Kelly Link, Cat Rambo, Seanan McGuire, Lavie Tidhar, Carrie Vaughn, Sarah Pinsker, Kate Marshall, Michael Milne, Aimee Ogden, Nathan Crowder, Keith Rosson, Stuart Suffel, Jennifer Pullen, … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Greedy Pigs (A Sin du Jour Affair #5) by Matt Wallace

Title: Greedy Pigs (A Sin du Jour Affair #5) Authors: Matt Wallace (Twitter) Rating: So Funny I’m Gonna Die, So Highly Freaking Recommended Genre/Category: Politics, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Food Release Date: May 16, 2017 Publisher: Tor.Com Publishing Order Here: BARNES … Continue reading

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