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Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.

Urban Fantasy 101: Stitch Reads The Hollows – Dead Witch Walking Chapters 1-5

Part of officially deciding that I’d break away from the Anita Blake series was trying to figure out another series to focus on that did more interesting things. I wanted to tackle a series that I had positive memories of, … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Weaponized White Womanhood

With that much power already, it can’t be a surprise that many white women in fandom will do pretty much anything in order to keep the status quo level. Continue reading

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Stitch on The James Bond Cocktail Hour: Die Another Day

(Part One) (Part Two) I love James Bond. No shame. Those of y’all that have been around from the beginning of this blog know that I spent half of 2015 writing about James Bond for The Mary Sue. That was … Continue reading

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Bad Rap – Better A Second Time?

What captured my attention in a second viewing of Bad Rap was how much the – primarily male – rappers on screen talked about their journey to rap, and truly, hip hop history as an Asian American, in the context of questing for authenticity and belonging. Continue reading

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[Signal Boost] Boyega Brigade Boost for Theatre Peckham

Let’s help light the way for future generations of actors to find themselves and practice their craft at Theatre Peckham! Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish] Episode 2: Stitch Talks About The Rey/Kylo Fandom and Weaponized White Womanhood

Episode Notes: Content Warnings: I talk explicitly about antiblack racism in fandom and white women weaponizing their femininity in service to it. I also briefly mention how part of this involves setting up a fear of John/that John will assault … Continue reading

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Introducing Authenticity (Mini-Essay #1)

I sound like a Barbie doll most of the time. Or Daria. If you heard me on the phone without knowing anything about me or without seeing my profile picture, you’d probably think I was a sure front runner to … Continue reading

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2020 Patreon Plans

In this video, I cover: what’s coming up over the future of this account  what content you’re guaranteed to get at the different tiers the future of my content period Tiers:

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Rey/Kylo Shippers: A New Look At An Old Face of Fannish Entitlement

The problem with folks’ acknowledgment of this totally toxic fandom is that… they don’t seem to understand that the concept of toxic fandom isn’t the realm of white dudes alone. Continue reading

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Quick Coverage: John Boyega Ends 2019 With a Bang (And a Hearty 'Fuck You' To Rey/Kylo Shippers)

Note: I have an ongoing thread about this entire situation and the fans’ responses that fully covers the majority of what this fandom’s been up to with John. In case you missed my lengthy post about how Rey/Kylo shippers really … Continue reading

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