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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: On “Dark Fic,” Morality, and Why Critical Thinking Is Vital

As Popova points out, what “dark fic” is ultimately depends on individual reader and creator interpretations of the trope or pairing. This, along with the intensity of the dark content and what it’s used for in the story, leads to … Continue reading

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New Cool Fan Studies Stuff!

Over on Henry Jenkins’ site, he’s using his platform to host what he’s calling a “Global Fandom Jamboree” that focuses on scholars speaking on their work on their own and with the other scholars in their field, more or less. … Continue reading

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Stitch @ imetyouonlj

I had a great time talking with Maggie and V over at imetyouonlj, a really cool fandom podcast that’s just tons of fun! Please go check it out! Tumblr/Their Site Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts (Pretty much they’re everywhere you get … Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: On Nicki Minaj, the Barbz, and When Stans Prepare for Battle

Fans can react in concerning ways when their celebrity favorites screw up or misspeak in ways that hurt fans. It’s as if the attachment to a particular celebrity unlocks a desire to do whatever possible to maintain that celeb’s power and positive … Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] VERY Brief Thoughts On Jesy Nelson and Blackfishing

From my main, private twitter earlier today. I wanted it here too. I am not going to waste too much energy on Jesy Nelson but I will point out that as hard as she’s blackfishing and trying to present herself … Continue reading

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Fandom Misogynoir Bingo Card

It’s been a while since we had a fandom racism bingo card. Last time, it was my partially tongue-in-cheek one about the fandoms for Korean pop and hip hop with a heavy tilt towards cultural appropriation and antiblackness. This time, … Continue reading

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POC TOO: Revisiting PickMe POC in 2021

While I wanted to go with something worse to replace PickMe POC, like an actual slur (this is a joke), I chose the path of least resistance and less characters: POC TOO. Continue reading

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Birthmonth 2021 Begins

September was super busy and I’m really satisfied with everything I’ve done. Once again, half of it can’t be revealed yet because it’s stuff I did for upcoming work, but the other half of it has been… pretty great content … Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish] Season 2/Episode 7: Stitch Talks MORE Ish With Jeanne

Jeanne and I catch up and compare notes about the rest of Loki, how our expectations were met, exceeded, or underwhelmed , and the current state of fandom discourse (which has managed to shift so hard in just a matter of months). … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Understanding Fandom’s View of Imperialism Through Fire Emblem Three Houses

The point of this article is not to tell you that if you like Dimitri you’re a bad person, or if you like the Blue Lions house, you might as well just go find a conservative freedom rally next weekend.  Continue reading

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Stitch Reads Rafael (Anita Blake #28)- Chapters 6 & 7

Anita Blake needs a relationship therapist. She also needs a real therapist. I mean this in the nicest way possible (which is still a bit mean, I know), but Anita really does need to do some heavy work to unpack … Continue reading

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Link Lineup – September 2021

September has been… a lot. I’m putting this together at the halfway point of the month and I just… want to take a nap. I want to rest. But I already got a bunch of content consumption down for the … Continue reading

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Applied to Fandom: Critical Consumption/Analysis

The concept of “critical consumption” seems to kick everyone’s ass in fandom. Let someone know that you think that critical thinking and reading should feature at least a little bit in how they engage with the content they consume for … Continue reading

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Looking Back At About Two Years of Cultural and Fandom Criticism

So uh… I wasn’t expecting to win the Ignyte Award for Critics in 2021. Part of it, is that I don’t expect anything really and this way I get to be pleasantly surprised in the end. The other thing is … Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: What Do You Do When Your Fave Screws Up?

There’s no such thing as an “unproblematic fave.” People — and the things that we create — are informed by the world around us, and we can be exposed to some pretty problematic environments that are hard to move away … Continue reading

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