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Zina writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.

Talk About A Super Let-Down in Supergirl Season 2

It’s not like Supergirl started as a really good example of diverse representation. Sure, its first season was female-focused and had some great moments focusing on Kara’s relationships with other women, but they’re basically all white women. From the titular … Continue reading

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The Great Big Anita Blake Reread – Circus of the Damned

“He’s dead, Richard, a walking corpse. It doesn’t matter how pretty he is, or how compelling, he’s still dead. I don’t date corpses. A girl’s got to have some standards.” — Anita on why she won’t give in to Jean-Claude … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Archangel’s Viper (Guild Hunter Series #10)

Title: Archangel’s Viper (Guild Hunter Series #10) Author: Nalini Singh (Twitter) Rating: Highly Recommended Genre/Category: Urban Fantasy, Angels and Demons, Vampires, Diverse Romance Release Date: September 26, 2017 Publisher: Berkley Purchase Links: AMAZON | AMAZON (PRINT) | BARNES & NOBLE … Continue reading

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Dear Comic Fans, Guess What: You’re Still Not Handling Racebending and Diverse Casting Very Well!

We did this in 2015. And in 2016. Now it’s 2017 and I’ve got at least four different posts on racebending under my belt because nerds still don’t know how to behave. This is an ongoing project looking at the … Continue reading

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[Series Squee] Angel Sanctuary

With “Series Squee” I’m trying to do something new (that can be regular content) by sharing the love for some of my favorite series so that y’all could get a better look at what I like and why I like … Continue reading

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Supporting Stitch’s Media Mix

WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO: I’m Zina and I’ve been running Stitch’s Media Mix since March 2015. I created my site as a site for fandom and media criticism after being frustrated by my inability to find a … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Ride The Storm (Cassandra Palmer #8)

Title: Ride the Storm (Cassandra Palmer #8) Author: Karen Chance Rating: Your Cup of Tea Maybe? Genre/Category: Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Witches, Time Travel, Psychics Release Date: August 1, 2017 Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group Note: I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher … Continue reading

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[Small Stitch Reviews] Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone (Five Chapter Preview)

The first five chapters of Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone are the most stressful things that I’ve ever read. And believe me, they’re so worth it. When I first heard of Adeyemi’s success and talent (the bidding war and … Continue reading

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Luke Cage – Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll…

Note: This piece largely revolves around sexual racism and the sexual objectification of Black male bodies. There are references to sexual assault, descriptions of objectified Black bodies, and a link to an article on the “Brute Caricature” that includes images … Continue reading

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[Stitch Elsewhere] “Rupert Wong and the Ends of the Earth” Review @ Strange Horizons

To the gods and ghouls that he cooks for, Rupert Wong is little more than a mouthy piece of meat. At best, the titular character of Cassandra Khaw’s gloriously gory series hardly registers as anything more than an annoyance. At … Continue reading

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