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Zeenah writes about comics, nerd history, and ridiculous romance novels when not working frantically on her first collection of short stories and complaining about stuff. One day, she'll settle down and write that novel.

Meme-ing For A Reason #6 – You Used To Be Able To Hide Your Dogwhistles…

Being anti-racist in fandom is only equal to anti fandom… if you’re a racist and you think that your bigotry is integral to the shape of fandom as you know and love it. Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] Pro-Everything But Reading Comprehension, I see

Thread on my locked account from Jun 17, 2020. What I wrote: Black characters get a specific kind of racist fanwork where it’s clear that the author is using fandom and their fanworks to abuse and torture them into place. … Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: What “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Teaches Us About Fandom Misogynoir

Fandom has always been primed to believe the worst of Black women – be they characters, fans, or even the performers themselves. Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] Antiblackness & Anti Shipping (4/12/2021) + Additional Thoughts

Anyway, these “let’s unpack anti shipping and why it’s bad” posts never reckon with the fact that people who are anti fans of a pairing with a Black character/celeb and who do harass people for years over being into the pairing… are never called that. Snowbarry shippers who have 6k large followings on Twitter and IG Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] The Archive As Fandom Dream Thoughts (4/10/2021 + 4/8/2021)

Today has been full of people talking critically about the AO3’s failures in response to a viral tweet about ao3 as “the fucking fan fiction dream complaint” and yet another moment of folks in fandom going “well i don’t see … Continue reading

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Fandom Racism 201: Introduction

Starting soon, we’re leveling up to Fandom Racism 201. The goal of what I’ve been privately calling my “school series” is to constantly level up and look at different fandoms, experiences, and displays of racism in fandom/fanworks. Fandom Racism 101 … Continue reading

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A Thought Exercise On Antiblack Microaggressions In Fandom, I Suppose

I just want to talk about how people purposefully misrepresent my work/tweets and assign meanings to it that are actually entirely absent. Because I need to walk through the weirdness to see if I can make it make sense to … Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] Palatable Fandom (Anti) Racism (2/23/2021)

Originally a thread on my still-locked main account and edited for clarity with additional links. One thing that’s super fascinating is that white people who talk about racism in fandom, especially doing a gentle “dear fellow white people” on their … Continue reading

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[Image + Essay] Look At Those Launderers

Understand how weird it is that on the day of this very terrifying election, I can say that there’s not just an air of “people who talk about racism in fandom just want to take our controversial [NSFW content]”… But that I’ve seen people basically say that. Continue reading

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April Outlook/March Retrospective

I’m still struggling to get back in the groove after being yeeted off the path in February thanks to That Nonsense and just… all the awful terrible things in the news (like the escalation in anti-Asian hate crimes on top … Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: Lil Nas X Is Using Stan Twitter Tactics to Defend “Montero.” He Shouldn’t Have To

The thing is, Lil Nas X cut his teeth on stan Twitter as the user who used to run the popular Nicki Minaj stan account @nasmaraj. From his time as that BNF, he’s learned how to use fandom practices commonly … Continue reading

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Link Lineup – March 2021

Getting to know Korean modern and contemporary art with RM Until this point, we have mainly discussed paintings, but they are not the only works of art that embody Korean history and traditions. That is not to suggest that works … Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] Sinking the Ship of Theseus in Fandom Harassment Disguised As Discourse (3/15/2021)

Originally posted here and retweets would be appreciated especially if your friends in fandom are falling for the disinformation focused harassment campaigns I’m talking about here. This video absolutely speaks to my ongoing harassment from supposedly “progressive” fandom spaces (for … Continue reading

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I’m Standing In Solidarity and Against Hate

Solidarity will only make us stronger, and I’ll always work to be in solidarity with other people affected by white supremacy and racist violence. Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101: Angels in the Genre

We’ve done demons, the fae, and shifters. How did we make it this long without talking about one of my biggest obsessions in the genre… Angels. Now I did grow up in a Christian household so that probably explains some … Continue reading

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