About The Stitch

Some things you probably should know about me:

  • Call me Stitch.
  • My pronouns are she/hers and they/theirs.
  • If you want to support me:






  • I’m most active on Twitter and if you can’t reach me here (which is you know… super likely), you should try me there. (Note that if you don’t like my tone here, you’re really not going to like my tone there.)
  • I got an MA in Literature back in 2018. My academic focus falls on representation in media, gender politics, and super close readings of all the things you love. I call it a stealth fan studies degree when I’m feeling saucy.
  • My take on “Death of the Author” as it relates to canon is… flexible and frustrating.
  • My memory is awful. If you need me to do something we’ve already discussed, remind me. Repeatedly if you must. I will look at asks and tell myself I’ll respond only to forget about them for months.
  • I reserve the right to refrain from interactions with under-eighteens over specific topics. If I wouldn’t discuss something with my niblets who aren’t eighteen, I’m not going to discuss it with you.

Some things you’ll be able to see on this blog are: original fiction, reviews (books + comics + film/tv), commentary on fandom, lots of Kpop at this point, and essays and/or posts about little things that catch my eye in of nerd culture.

Check out my Fiction and Non-Fiction pages in order to keep up with what I’m writing!

9 Responses to About The Stitch

  1. Rob Hansen says:

    In re Wertham, this issue of THE COMICS JOURNAL might interest you:


    Also, back in 1973 he wrote a book ‘The World of Fanzines’. Here’s a review of it from someone involved in traditional SF fandom (ie. the old time literary rather than modern media-based fandom):



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  3. j.belk says:

    Hi Zina! Firstly I must say thank you for filling out my Feature with Followers form on Twitter! Anyways, today is your lucky day because I want to feature YOU on my blog! I am planning to post my Feature with Followers meme on Sunday (June 12th, 2016 PST) and I was wondering if you were interested and have the time to be one of my Featured Followers for June! If so, please respond to this comment ASAP or email me at jbelkbooks[at]gmail.com. If you think that it would be more efficient for us to chat through some form of social media, definitely let me know! It will not take much time — I just plan on asking a few questions and obtaining some more insight on you & your overall blog.

    If you aren’t too aware of this post, I would recommend checking it out here:

    Thanks so much & I look forward to hearing back from you! (:

    P.S. I know it’s a little early, but some people have busy schedules so I like to contact you guys as soon as possible so you have time to chat with me…

    -Jesalin @jbelkbooks


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  6. Hayley says:

    Hey Zina! I just wanted to know what your main Tumblr blog is please so I could visit it now that my semester is wrapping up. I always go back to your blog or stitchmediamix Tumblr blog because I really enjoy your writing and your thoughts and would really like to check out your main Tumblr. You seem like a great person and can’t wait for more content! (Also I’m trying to work through my own weird fascination with Adam Driver especially since I’m a black girl and it’s strange for me with all the drama in the SW Fandom, I don’t know. I saw you mention something about him in passing.) Thank you so much!


  7. Hayley says:

    Sorry for rambling in my previous comment! And I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable or put in a weird place. You don’t have to respond at all. Thanks again.


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