Stitch Gives Away: Two Tickets to PTD in Seoul (STREAMING)

I love giving things away! Y’all know this!

For eighth year of running Stitch’s Media Mix (does this count as the seventh anniversary?) I’ll be giving two very lucky readers/followers a streaming ticket for a single day of a stream for Permission to Dance on Stage! Well Weverse shop doesn’t let you buy things for other people, so you’ll get a paypal, cashapp, or venmo transfer for the cost of the ticket in USD! But same diff!

This is a flash giveaway so we’re going to do this REAL quick. It’s ending Sunday March 6th at Midnight EST and I’ll announce the winners when I wake up that day.

So what do you have to do?

Comment with:

  • Your BTS Bias
  • Your favorite B-Side
  • Your Favorite Music video
  • Bonus: A favorite piece of BTS content (blog post, podcast quote, YouTube video or tweet) from me!

After all, this is a giveaway to celebrate my very hard, very stressful work here and thankfully, for the most part, ARMY and BTS have been a balm in trying times. I love them a lot and I want to share the love even though I don’t do as much BTS content these days as I work on other things – the concerts coming up will change that! I made really great friends through this fandom, people who challenge me, introduce me to good music, and have kept me going as I engage with other fandoms intent on tearing me down. I want to make this experience possible for them! So… here we are!

You can comment with your Twitter account or your WordPress account if you have one. (Or other social media? I’m not sure what the limitations are for wordpress comments…) I apologize for not opening this up to more people who follow me/my work, but because of harassment from random people, I can’t just open this up to more comments because hate will happen because people suck!

If you are a reader who’s interacted with me in some other way but don’t have a WordPress or Twitter account, send me an email through the contact form or my regular email and your name will be added to the spreadsheet Editor A or BTS Nieceling will run through for giveaway purposes!

(Comments are auto-moderated so don’t panic if you don’t see yours show up immediately!)


17 thoughts on “Stitch Gives Away: Two Tickets to PTD in Seoul (STREAMING)

  1. Hello! Thank you for offering this give away!
    1. I’m gonna cheat a bit because my bias always flips between Jin, Yoongi, and Jungkook (and I’ve just given up on trying to decide – especially when Namjoon, Hobi, Jimin, and Taehyung can also bias wreck me).
    2. My favourite b-sides are Anpanman and Seesaw.
    3. My favourite music videos is Black Swan.
    4. My favourite BTS content from your blog is your essay series on K-Pop and anti-Blackness. I learned a lot from it and it gave me a lot to think about as a half-Chinese and half-white baby army. This essay series was how I first came across your work and within the series my favourite article “Black Sound…Somehow Not for Black Fans?”
    Thank you once again for doing this! I look forward to keep following your work!


    • Luna! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and for following me as a reader!! You’re one of my winners and you’ve one one of two tickets! Please email me at (or DM me on TWT) with the best way to send you the money out of PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp and your handle on the platform and I’ll send you the funds immediately! And please, let me know if you do a thread about the concert day you watch so I can see your enjoyment!!


  2. • BTS Bias : Namjoon, but i rlly love other members too ㅠㅠ. And also my bias wrecker are YoonJinKook. How bout yours? Are we have the same bias? 💜

    • Fav BTS B-Side : Telepathy. They made Telepathy for us! Somehow I feel that their purpose in making this song is to melt down the feeling of not being able to meet ARMYs because of this pandemic. I can feel them. It must be hard for them, and us too. We miss each other.

    They always say that they adore and love us that much, it makes me really love them even more. I hope this 🦠 will be gone asap. I wanna go to their concerts, meet them & ARMYs, and go to beautiful places. I love them so much. It’s just lil things, but so precious to me 💜

    • Fav Music Video : FIREEEE 🔥 and DNA 🧬

    • A fav piece of BTS content from you : I don’t read English fiction often, cause it’s not my mother language. So i prefer some short articles. I could say “Meme Anthropologist: The Origins of Lil Meow Meow” is the best. I love the way you explain it. Keep up your good work 💜

    ▪︎ Wish me luck! If i have a chance to win it, i wanna watch it with my whole fam (they love bts too 😂). Watch a concert together is so much fun more than watch it alone ▪︎

    Twitter : @moonb_ana 💜


    • Moon Child, your answers were great and I’m lucky to share a fandom with you!! (Especially as a fellow Namjoon bias!) Unfortunately you didn’t win BUT I’ll be doing another giveaway for a ticket or two for the Las Vegas stream (or more if I get a Real Job) — and if I can ever figure out how to stream content privately, I’ll do that at a later date for a future concert. Thank you so much for entering my giveaway!


  3. Hi, you are very sweet in hosting this for Armys.
    1. My bias would have to be Jungkook. But, to be honest, I am an OT7 by heart because each of them are specifically precious in each of their own ways. They all have their own special charms and that is what makes them BTS.
    2. My favorite b-sides are Euphoria and Best of Me.
    3. My favorite music video would have to be DNA.
    4. My favorite BTS content from your blog would be one of your Fleeting Frustration post titled “K-pop Groups’ Hood Phases.” I was able to see your point of view by how many K-pop groups like BTS can distort someone else’s culture. I think that companies that have K-pop groups should take consideration of the appropriateness when they are trying to create music videos and performances. Also, I really admire that you spoke with your mind and expressed what you thought about K-pop culture.

    Thank you again for hosting this 🙂


    • Hi BabyGem!! Thank you so much for entering my little giveaway! I hope I can continue to be someone you enjoy following or even just keeping up with as time goes on! You’ve actually won one of my two tickets! Please email me at with the best way to send you the money out of PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp and your handle on the platform and I’ll send you the funds immediately! And please, let me know if you do a thread about the concert day you watch so I can see your enjoyment!!


  4. Hello, thank you so much for doing a GA 🙏🏻🤩

    My BTS Bias : Suga (I like Suga because he dares to speak up if something he thinks is right/wrong. And he is a man who doesn’t talk much, but takes action 😍💜)
    My favorite B-Side : “Outro : WINGS”
    My favorite Music video : “Permission to Dance” 🕺🏻💃🏻 & “Spring Day” 🌸👑
    My favorite BTS content from your tweet : Post in your tweet entitled “#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch a closeup of FloridaRoom”, because the video game you posted is so funny, I like it, and because I also like the game like you play it 🤩👍🏻

    And, my twitter account : @TasyaSiagian1

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    • Thank you much for entering my giveaway, Susan! Unfortunately you didn’t win BUT I’ll do my best to host a giveaway for the Las Vegas PTD stream (in whatever way they do it, whether they do more than one day). I’m glad that you like my Florida Room in Animal Crossing!! And I’m happy that I share a fandom with you 😀

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      • It’s okay, maybe this isn’t my sustenance yet. 😅👍🏻
        Once again, thank you very much unnie for holding a BTS concert ticket giveaway. I hope you are always healthy and continue to be successful in your career 😍💜


  5. Thank you so much for the giveaway! 💜 My Twitter account – @bts_ot7ismybias
    1) My biases change a lot (I’m a huge OT7 supporter) I love and support all of them equally but if I were to choose my current bias, it would be Yoongi! His comforting personality and beautiful words never fail to inspire me when I need them the most.
    2) My favourite BTS B-Side is Louder Than Bombs! It’s gotta be one of their most iconic B-sides ever and I hope we get a performance of it some day!
    3)My favourite Music Video is Film Out. It’s storyline, sets, effects and the music is very beautiful 💜
    4) My favourite video from your channel is the Unboxing of BTS SEASON GREETINGS 2022. I loved the unboxing video which made me much more eager to get one of my own!


    • Hi! Thank you so much for doing this :))) my online name is Robin 😀

      Namjoon, no contest
      So difficult to choose, always! But for me one of them has got to be Autumn Leaves. It’s one of the most beautiful ballads I’ve ever heard, and the message of “never, never fall” is so incredibly sad but also amazing. All of them shine so much in each part and their little back-and-forths are gorgeous, I’ve listened to it probably hundreds of times at this point.
      Idol!! It was the first BTS music video I ever watched and my jaw literally dropped to the ground; the sheer goofy craziness is off the charts, I love the psychedelics, I love the random Disney shirts, I love their awesome dancing, I love the energy of that MV SO much!
      Your reaction to MOTS concert Day 1 made me so happy! There hadn’t been much easily findable online reactions to it in a written form (much love to both you and the transcriber), where you could just go through all the songs and read, since of course most of the live reactions were on Twitter. So this made me really happy!


  6. Thank you for the giveaway! 💜
    ➡️ My bias is Park Jimin, no debate!
    ➡️ My favourite B-Side is Stay! I love EDM music.
    ➡️ My favourite Music Video is Blood, Sweat and Tears. It’s storyline is immaculate!
    ➡️ My favourite BTS content from your blog is “Stitch Celebrates 7 Years of Bangtan.” I love the video!


  7. Thank you for the giveaway! My Twitter is @lily_k1703
    1- My bias is Taehyung. I love his personality and relate to him more in some ways!
    2- My favourite B-Side is Louder Than Bombs. It’s a masterpiece!
    3- My favourite Music Video is Permission To Dance. It’s message is so beautiful and overall is a very fun and enjoyable video!
    4- My favourite BTS content from your YouTube channel is the “Unboxing of Winter Package 2021.” It has always been my dream to get one myself!


  8. My Twitter – @mini_triumph7
    ✓ Bias – Jungkook
    ✓ B-Side – Dis-ease
    ✓ Music Video – I NEED U
    ✓ Favourite BTS content from your YouTube – “Switches Unboxes Butter Set.”


  9. Thank you! 💜 Twitter (@m1nsuga0613)
    1) My bias is Namjoon. I love his comforting songs and he always inspires me.
    2) My favourite B-Side is Answer: Love Myself. It’s a very comforting and beautiful song that always cheers me up and makes me feel loved and inspired.
    3) My favourite Music Video is PTD! It’s a very inspiring video that showcases diversity and hope.
    4) I love the unboxing of Season’s Greetings 2021 from your YouTube. I always wanted to get one myself but I loved your Unboxing video of it! 🙂


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