[Stitch Likes Stuff] Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

If you’ve seen me gush over Lezhin’s Painter of the Night, you’ll remember that I actually love webcomics. And as you all know, I fucking love DC Comics… especially the Batfamily. This latest comic – by artist StarBite and writer CRC Payne – taps into a lot of the slice-of-life content that the Batfandom I grew up with flat out adored.

I read the first six episodes (paying for the last three on Fast Pass) and I loved every moment of it. For the most part, this blends canon personalities/visuals with headcanons from fandom – one noted difference is that Duke is explicitly part of the Batfamily… something that modern (more modern?) fandoms still struggles to accept. It’s a very cute comic in the webcomic tradition, simple one-shot, family-oriented comics that reminds us that Batman doesn’t have sidekicks… he’s part of a whole Batfamily.

The characterization is largely solid (the fandom influence is obvious though) and it’s definitely far away from the way many of the dudes working on Batman across the decades have handled the Batfamily as a unit. I’m not necessarily concerned about the coloring, but Damian Wayne being relatively dark skinned is largely a fandom thing and if Talia and Ra’s aren’t dark skinned themselves, I will have questions. I loved having Cass and Stephanie back in the Batfamily in a way that’s super hard to ignore. I know they’re in the comics as of late, but it’s still super hard for me to get back into the comics I used to love… so I’ve been sticking to the outskirts of all of that… but this makes me want to try again to get back into the DC game.

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the comics for yourself, the first three episodes of the webtoon are up on well… Webtoon. And I’m interested in hearing your thoughts even if they’re critical!

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures


2 thoughts on “[Stitch Likes Stuff] Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

  1. I’m so excited about these! I just read the first three and I’m feeling you about some of the very *fandom* things in it, but overall, I’ll take it over the grimdark bull of the comics (I’m still getting them and I’m not even sure why at this point).


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