[Thread Collection] No Escape/No Understanding (8/10/21)

From my public twitter on 8/10/2021. Lightly edited to flesh out words I shortened for twitter, add punctuation, and links. A good link to share with people who I have blocked/have me blocked.

I don’t think a lot of people get that for people of color in fandom to not have to deal with racism IN AND FROM FANDOM, we’d have to basically only interact with a small circle of people (& even then… sometimes they fail us).

So even if we keep our heads down, racism is HERE.

Racism is present in every fandom and the majority of fans have no interest in recognizing the forms it takes outside of slurs from men & in cutting it out.

But at the same time, racists in fandom will search out POC who do speak on racism in their/multiple fandoms to harass us.

So we’re told “just ignore racism, just log off, it’s not so serious… it’s just fandom” by women/ queer people who spend months or YEARS stalking us, commenting on our posts, leaving us nasty anon messages, trying to (and succeeding at) destroying our reputations over FANDOM

There’s a person who’s harassed me for SEVERAL years over my work. We have NEVER spoken. We don’t even have fandoms in common at this point [and we never actually did]. And yet, they have sought me/my work/my supporters out to cause shit [for several years and have accused me of attacking them].

I know other fans of color with harassers dating back 10+ yrs

Fans of color are expected to ignore racism in fandom – in fanworks, from other fans aimed at us – when people do things like gift us racist fic on AO3, tag us in racist content here/on Tumblr/AO3, and harass us for YEARS because they think we hate their ship or something.

But racists in fandom are NEVER expected to “Don’t Like? Don’t Read” their way out of engaging with & harassing POC?

It’s apparently their RIGHT to make our digital lives hell, but if we comment on what they’re doing, we’re ALWAYS in the wrong and rewritten as harassers/bullies

Fans of color can’t “just ignore” racism.

Even the ones who are POC TOO and throw themselves into the line of fire to defend their racist pals ARE STILL SUBJECT TO RACISM FROM THOSE PEOPLE.

Even they can’t escape or ignore it… because none of us have that particular privilege.


One thought on “[Thread Collection] No Escape/No Understanding (8/10/21)

  1. One of the biggest things that members of the dominant group fail to understand is that as a member of a marginalized group, people will never just leave you alone! People who have problems, or beef, or what have you will always seek out the people they think best represents the problems they are projecting, and harass, stalk, and troll you.

    As a member of a marginalized group you do not get the luxury of forgetting that your marginalization exists, because there will always be someone who will come along to, forcibly if necessary, remind you of your place in the socio-economic pyramid. They have to do that, they have to seek you out and be cruel, to convince themselves of where they are in the scheme of things, give themselves an ego boost, or just to get that little shot of dopamine they need the day.

    Bullies need victims, and like every bully anyone has ever met, they actively seek out the people they wish to prey on. So even if we wanted (and yes we want to) ignore what’s happening in the various fandoms, we can never do so, because bullies will always seek out prey to torment. That’s what bullies, trolls, racists, and harassers, do.


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