Stitch @ Book Net Fest 2019

Last year’s Book Net Fest was pretty awesome. My first time going to the local (ish) celebration up in Orlando, Florida was incredible. I loved the panels I was on as well as the panels I sat in on. It was nice to be surrounded by fellow book nerds and bask in the nerdiness.

So, I’m doing it again this year.

I’ll be taking the train up with my beloved B (mother of my favorite baby cryptid) Saturday September 7, 2019 to spend the next 24 hours in Orlando!

I know it’s supremely short notice if you’re not in the area, but if you are, I’m looking forward to seeing y’all!

I’ll be on two panels this year, both on Saturday:

Fandom Origin Stories from 3-4pm

Authorial Intent from 4:15-5:15pm

Depending on how much I can handle socializing, I’ll be going to the Prom but if not, I’ll probably do what I did last time: camp out in the bar being interesting and tipsy that Saturday night. We’ll see how this goes!

Now for some linkage:

The last day to purchase a badge on the website is Wednesday, September 4th.

Additionally, BNF is still doing fundraising to help cover the cost of renting the space and equipment. Even if you’re not going, it’s a worthwhile fundraiser to help the book community in Florida keep hosting this event in the future!

Thanks to the nature of taking the train up to Orlando and then an Uber across the darn city, I’m not entirely sure when we’ll get to the hotel aside from “before my panel”, but I’m really going to do my best to be my best!!

I can’t wait to see y’all there!


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