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Stitch Likes Stuff – Stitch’s Favorite BTS’ Songs

Anyway! Here’s a list of my most favorite BTS songs! I’m glad I can share this sort of purely celebratory
experience with you nerds! Continue reading

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[Stitch Answers Feedback] What Can Non-Black Fans Do?

If you really want to be good to Black fans and responsible when creating content for Black characters, you need to decenter yourself and accept that sometimes your best won’t be good enough. Continue reading

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The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Sorting Out Shifters

We’re constantly told that shapeshifters are people too and therefore they deserve to be treated as people and not distrusted – even though the narrative crossing the Anitaverse is that the only beings more dangerous than shifters are vampires. Even though half of the most vile and violent murderers across the series are shifters. Continue reading

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Antiblackness in the K-pop Industry and its Fandom Spaces: Introduction

Anti-blackness is universal. Outside of maybe a handful of countries around the world, there aren’t many places where I’m guaranteed to be entirely free from anti-black racism. Even my home island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands isn’t … Continue reading

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Stitch Does Stuff in July

I love Day Job. I love being able to get up, come into work, and put together ads or blow through edits on a batch of articles for one of our clients. I love having the chance to use my … Continue reading

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