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Urban Fantasy 101: A Few of My Favorite Fang-Havers

I know I’m about to get my critical little claws all over vampires in the urban fantasy genre once more with my upcoming piece on vampire supremacy in the genre, but before I do, I want to shout out some … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: White Prioritization

I think my pal Holly over at DiverseHighFantasy was one of (if not the) first people to use “white prioritization” in a fannish context in a piece on The Walking Dead fandom and the Rick/Michonne ship. So I’d like to … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101: Vamping Out

Vampires, in a Nutshell If you’re familiar with my Urban Fantasy 101 series, you probably know that I’ve written about the way the genre thinks and writes about vampires on the regular. I’ve shot down the idea that there’s some … Continue reading

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Fleeting Frustrations #1: Heteronormativity in Urban Fantasy Revisited

Content warnings for cis- and hetero- centric worldbuilding. Back in June 2016, I wrote a whole Urban Fantasy 101 piece on the heteronormativity present in much of the genre (and I am including contemporary paranormal romance in this wide umbrella). … Continue reading

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Holy BookNet Fest, Batman!

BookNet Fest 2018 is going to be an amazing experience that’s all about inclusivity in the book blogging community and I’m beyond excited to be a part of this super cool event! Dates/Panels: The event is September 7th and 8th! … Continue reading

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[Review] Brooklyn Ray’s Darkling (Port Lewis Witches #1)

Note: I won an ebook copy of this novella from the author themselves in a giveaway last week. That has no influence on my enjoyment of the book and all opinions herein are my own. Darkling, the first novella in … Continue reading

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Who the heck is Ben Solo?

In the past couple of months, there have been several tweets from twitter users with the hashtag “SaveBenSolo” because Ben Solo, should be protected and should survive Episode IX and if you don’t want that, then you’ve got no empathy … Continue reading

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Howdy folks and friends! For the next couple of weeks, expect to see a lot more reviews of urban fantasy novels or series (with the occasional paranormal romance thrown in because that’s how I roll). Following my graduation, I had … Continue reading

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Too White Bread for This Shit: Race and Racism in Laurell K Hamilton’s Urban Fantasy Series

“I’m so white-bread, if you cut me I’d bleed bleached flour! I have no ethnicity to me, and I’ve always wanted some.” – Laurell K. Hamilton in an interview excerpted from Locus Magazine. I’ve been reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s urban … Continue reading

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Stitch Does Stuff In August

July was hecking busy and I didn’t get a ton of work done. What sucks is that August is going to be intense and busy because I’m increasing the intensity of my job hunt and the moment I get hired, … Continue reading

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