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Stitch Plays Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Y’all know my complicated and frequently critical feelings about J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter franchise, but man… Hogwarts Mystery is kind of almost what I wanted from Pottermore when that was first announced. So of course, I had … Continue reading

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When White Villains Get Woobiefied: Kylo Ren Is Just A Monster In A Mask

Notes: The following post will mention childhood abuse (and who gets to have that kind of trauma respected/made up for them to give them weight and validate their actions) and spoilers from the film and novelization versions of The Last Jedi … Continue reading

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A thought about werewolf stomachs:

I don’t remember who I was having this conversation with (but it was probably someone in the English department because that’s where I keep having these conversations) but the subject of werewolves and their eating habits came up and the … Continue reading

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Five Things I Want From Amazon’s Eventual Lord of the Rings Series

For some wild reason I can’t understand, Amazon has decided to start with a quarter of a billion dollar budget for their upcoming Lord of the Rings series. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, that initial $250 million dollar deal is … Continue reading

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