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“Fandom is supposed to be fun.”

Some variation on the phrase “fandom is supposed to be fun” gets spouted like clockwork every single time that people of color in fandom try to talk about the way that fan spaces – predominantly slash fandom spaces – are … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Gluttony Bay (A Sin du Jour Affair #6) by Matt Wallace

Title: Gluttony Bay (A Sin du Jour Affair #6) Authors: Matt Wallace (Twitter) Rating: So Funny I’m Gonna Die, So Highly Freaking Recommended Genre/Category: Politics, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Food, Cannibalism Release Date: November 7, 2017 Publisher: Tor.Com Publishing Order Here: BARNES AND NOBLE | AMAZON (KINDLE) I’ve been doing drunk … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Citywide (Five Buroughs #5a) by Santino Hassell

You can purchase Citywide from Amazon or directly from Riptide Publishing. Santino Hassell’s Citywide is basically EVERYTHING to me. From the second that he announced the title, I was prepared to go into full-squee mode. I love Hassell’s Five Buroughs series … Continue reading

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The Consort – Chapter One

After hearing the seer’s message, Iirin finds himself struggling to come to terms with the fact that he’ll soon be leaving the only place that he’s ever called home. Despite how he’s been mistreated in the temple-orphanage because he isn’t … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Not Now, Not Ever

What I’m Reviewing: Not Now, Not Ever Who It’s By: Lily Anderson What It’s About: Elliot Gabaroche is very clear on what she isn’t going to do this summer. 1. She isn’t going to stay home in Sacramento, where she’d … Continue reading

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Valkyrie isn’t ‘Male-Coded’ And You’re Kinda Racist

Every time a nerdy piece of media dares to center a Black woman in some way, White Feminists in fandom show up to show how much they don’t care about Black women. You can go through my archives for the … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101: Mythology Soup

If you take an introductory anthropology or religion class, chances are that your professor will at some point bring up Joseph Campbell’s theory of the monomyth, boiling it down to “every culture shares these aspects of myth and all stories … Continue reading

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