[Stitch Links to Stuff] Joyful Reads

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Joyful Reads is the brainchild of blogger Kristen Carter. A book subscription service in its infancy, Joyful Reads will serve the purpose of gettng diverse Young Adult literature into the hands of teenage and young adult readers.

This is a labor of love and an attempt at diversifying the very white landscape of book subscription boxes that I think has a lot of potential. I’ve been book buddies with Kristen for over a year and they’re pretty awesome!

Right now, the subscription service is set for a May 2017 launch.

You can support Kristen and Joyful Reads on her GoFundMe where you can find out more about the service, as her questions, and help her afford a website designer, social media manager, and shipping supplies for the first set of subscriptions.

(And if you can’t contribute financially but want to see Joyful Reads get off the ground to get diverse books into the hands of eager readers, you should always consider talking to Kristen and seeing if there are other ways that you can help her with this endeavor!)

To find out more about Kristen and Joyful Reads, visit the following webpages:

Kristen’s Twitter: HERE

Joyful Reads Webpage (which is in-progress):  HERE

Joyful Reads Twitter: HERE

Joyful Reads GoFundMe: HERE