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The Author In Their Times (Unless That Author Wrote A Comic Book)

One of the three graduate courses I’m taking is a class called “The Author in their Time/s”. It’s a class that looks at authors writing fiction about a period in history as they lived in said period. This specific class, … Continue reading

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Breaking and Entering – Birthday Art and Story Snippet

My darling and talented friend Vi (who I’ve commissioned to draw art for this story because she’s GREAT) surprised me with a super cute birthday sketch of Asra, one of the main characters  in my short story “Breaking and Entering”. Not only … Continue reading

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Holy Birthmonth, Batman!

Okay so obviously, it’s October and that means it’s birthmonth! I’ll be 26 on the 24th and that’s AWESOME! As usual, if you feel like dropping money on me (but again, you absolutely don’t have to), I have an Amazon … Continue reading

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Condescension, Crosstalk, and why Connie Willis’ Misunderstanding of the Romance Genre is a Deal Breaker for Me

When I first heard about Connie Willis’ book Crosstalk, it sounded like a bunch of fun. I put it on my wishlist and dropped a bunch of hints that I’d be open to reviewing it even if I had to … Continue reading

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Laundry Day – Comet City Stories

  On her first day of actual, licensed superheroics, young speedster Pix comes to a startling realization about her chances of surviving once she goes head to head with a super-powered criminal that thinks nothing of smacking her down like … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Hammers on Bone by Cassandra Khaw

Title: Hammers on Bone Author: Cassandra Khaw (Twitter) Rating: Highly Recommended Genre/Category: Urban Fantasy, Noir, Detective, Lovecraftian Horror Release Date: October 11, 2016 Publisher: Order Here: AMAZON | AMAZON (KINDLE) | BARNES AND NOBLE Note: I received a free … Continue reading

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The Great Big Anita Blake Reread – Guilty Pleasures

Content Warnings: This review of Guilty Pleasures talks about the following content that readers may find disturbing, upsetting, or triggering: racism, internalized misogyny, victim blaming with regard to childhood abuse and sexual trauma, sex worker shaming, connecting sex work with … Continue reading

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[Book Review] That Potent Alchemy by Tess Bowery

Title: That Potent Alchemy Author: Tess Bowery (Twitter) Rating: Highly Recommended Genre/Category:  Historical Romance, Regency, Erotic, Queer, Entertainment, Release Date: October 4, 2016 Publisher: Seamchecker Ent. Order Here: AMAZON (KINDLE) | BARNES AND NOBLE Note: I received a free copy … Continue reading

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Whose Luke Cage Reviews Matter To Me

I started watching Luke Cage yesterday morning and immediately I found myself bombarded with the thinkiest of thoughts. I have thoughts on respectability politics in the series, on Luke Cage’s old-fashioned everything, on Black womanhood, on the use of the … Continue reading

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