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Here’s what you can expect from me in August

Okay so I’m going back to school near the end of the month which means that my writing time will shrink down immensely. So I’m trying to figure out ways to provide y’all with good stuff and still do well … Continue reading

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The Pup – Original Fiction

Kabi didn’t mean to adopt a killer whale pup. Note: A shorter version of this piece was originally hosted on Patreon! Kabi didn’t mean to adopt a killer whale pup. She’d been swimming several leagues from the village, chasing her … Continue reading

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Some brief observations about Star Trek Beyond

Major spoilers and silly opinions abound so don’t click to read more unless you’ve already seen the movie or have no intention of watching it.

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Let’s Stop Giving The Killing Joke More Credit Than It Deserves

Content warnings for references to sexual trauma (assault and torture) in the text and in linked posts, ableism, a brief mention of fandom racism (specifically antiblackness towards Luke Fox) and a mention of transmisogyny in Batgirl #37. There are no … Continue reading

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Fear of Fucking Up: Not Actually A Good Excuse For Erasing Characters of Color

  Recently, there’s been a spate of fannish and original writers claiming that they’re so afraid of negative reception and responses from people of color, that they refrain from writing characters of color in their works. We saw this during … Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101 – It’s A Heteronormative World Out There

Notes: Content warnings for brief (but nondescriptive) mentions of sexual assault, mentions of homophobia in the text and a linked article), and just general heterocentrism/heterosexism. One of the recurring tropes common to the urban fantasy genre is the idea that … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] The Dragon Age Fandom Hates Characters (and People) of Color

Note: Previously posted on the website Fandoms Hate People of Color (click the link to reblog it), I received permission to host this essay about the experiences one fan of color (who has requested to remain anonymous) had and witnessed … Continue reading

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Lovecraft Puncher

Enjoy this silly little short about an eccentric billionaire who has commissioned the development of a time machine specifically so she can go back in time and punch H.P. Lovecraft in the fricking face. At first, when I lay out the … Continue reading

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Small Spoilery Stitch Review: Tracey Livesay’s “Love on My Mind”

Title: Love on My Mind Author: Tracey Livesay Rating: Could Be Better Genre/Category: Contemporary, Romance, Geeks/Nerds, Autism, Interracial Romance Release Date: 7/12/2016 Publisher: Avon (Impulse Imprint) Order Here: AMAZON (KINDLE)  There’s a lot to love about Tracy Livesay’s Avon Impulse debut book Love … Continue reading

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A rambling post on race and the X-Men Franchise

The X-Men franchise kind of proves how allegories for oppression often fall flat when it comes to being cognizant of stuff like racism. The in-world oppression that the characters do face is serious and important, but the series itself is … Continue reading

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