bib·li·o·file: 02/08/2016

Getting your hands on good academic texts can be difficult.

That’s why I’ll be sharing my reading list for my classes (along with digital copies of some of the books) in the literature department. You don’t have to read everything (I know I certainly won’t), but it’s a good start if you’re curious about what literature majors do all day when they’re not wailing about being a literature major.

Hemispheric 1850s

This week, we’re reading about the Archive

Along the Archival Grain: Epistemic Anxieties and Colonial Common Sense by Ann Laura Stoler

Dust: The Archive and Cultural History by Carolyn Steedman


De Sade. Again. We’ve finished Justine and we’re on to Philosophy in the Bedroom. Content warnings for basically everything.

Philosophy in the Bedroom by the Marquis de Sade

Critical Literary Theory

We’re reading some more about Kearney’s thoughts on theorists (moving from phenomenology to structuralism, I believe) and we’ve started Barthes.

Mythologies by Roland Barthes (we’re also supposed to read Death of the Author which of course isn’t included in this file)

Kearney’s work on Saussure

Kearney’s work on Foucault, Barthes, and Kristeva


If any of these links don’t work, let me know!

Happy reading!