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News for Patrons!

I keep forgetting to update patrons (and people who might want to become patrons) about what’s going on on the my Patreon page. So here’s what’s gone on recently and what you can expect in the future! Currently: If you’re … Continue reading

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Elektra steals the show in this second trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2

Elodie Yung is going to own the role of Elektra. Seriously, watching the new trailer for Netflix and Marvel’s second season of Daredevil gives me all of the feels. Elektra is a character that’s been criminally underused over the years … Continue reading

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A Political Stitch

Note: if it’s not clear (but it should be), this is a celebration of my identity and my Blackness because February is Black History Month and it’s taken me this long to put my thoughts together. “I didn’t know you … Continue reading

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Today I protested an anti-choice installation at FIU because my college campus provides freedom of speech to some of the most heinous of groups. I didn’t intend to get into the fray at first, but while I was waiting for … Continue reading

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Super-Symbolism and Suicide Ideation

Trigger Warnings for suicide ideation and description of those thoughts.   2015 was not a good mental health year for me. Not at all. It seemed like I had one major depressive episode after another, existing on a roller coaster … Continue reading

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This week we’re working on a ton of different stuff. In my Hemispheric 1850s class, we’re looking at Nancy Prince and thinking about the creation of her own Archive as her narrative withholds more than it exposes. Nancy Prince – … Continue reading

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Love Hate – My Contentious Relationship With Contemporary Romance

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary romance – both the erotic and non-erotic kind. I’ll admit it: contemporary romance is my thing. Somehow, I fell for the genre despite being utterly uninterested in romance in my day-to-day life. … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Drabbles x 6

Six drabbles for Valentine’s Day and my (current) favorite ships.  Sort of NSFW. Pairings: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (MCU), Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson(DC Comics), Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy(DC Comics), Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne (DC Comics), Sasha Hadley/Zeke Parker (Original Fiction/Wizardverse), Alexandra Andrade/Isabella Pulido (Original … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday : WOC as Props in Pop Music

Originally written in hm… 2013, I think in response to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Lily Allen using WOC as props in their videos.   There’s such a huge difference between how WOC and white women treat WOC (specifically Black women … Continue reading

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Internalized Misogyny and that Damned Slash Shipping Post: A Response

(Wherein I answer the first part of @legendofzeldamajorass‘s question, sort of answer the second, and promise try to do a better job about fleshing out my comments at some point soonish when I’m not swamped with work.) This is in … Continue reading

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