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Library Haul 10/13/2015

Today I went to the library to return some stuff and wound up getting some more books because I am weak. Here’s the haul (with handy Amazon links for easy reference): Pearl Pink v1 by Meca Tanaka Mars: Horse With … Continue reading

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When the reaction to calling out racism is… More racism?

It’s been two months and I still get the best reactions to my post “Dear Comic Fans: We Get it. You’re racist and racebending scares you.” And by best, I mean that I get some of the most condescending and willfully … Continue reading

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Robins: Individual Characters, Not Bruce Clones

We’ve all seen that one Shortpacked comic where Bruce is taking inventory of the Robins and he’s pleased with the ones that look like him and lowkey annoyed with Stephanie, the lone Robin that doesn’t. She’s the only individual among … Continue reading

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[Flash Fiction] Cigarette Break

Content warning for suicidal ideation/thoughts, depiction of depression For the third time in a week and a half I consider jumping. To everyone I work with, it’s just a cigarette break. I look busy but uninterested in my own mortality … Continue reading

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Frozen in Fear of Failure

I haven’t managed to submit another story since I sent in “The Accidental Spider-Queen” to Fireside Fiction back in April. At first, it was because I hadn’t been writing. My former day-job (the part time one I quit in a … Continue reading

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[Book Review] Sing Down The Stars (The Celestine Series Book 1) by L.J. Hatton

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review with opinions that are entirely my own. Mild spoilers for the book will follow. Title: Sing Down The Stars Author:  L. J. Hatton Rating: Highly Recommended Genre/Category: Dystopian, … Continue reading

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A Thousand Masks (Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne – DC Comics)

Title: A thousand masks Fandom: Batman (Comics) Pairing/Characters: Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, Gilda Chen, Silver St. Cloud Rating: Mature/Low R Length: 7600 words Summary: After eight years abroad, Bruce Wayne comes back into Gotham just in time to celebrate the new … Continue reading

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I’m always incredibly obnoxious when it comes to my birthday. I’m the baby of the family and my parents’ only child in their marriage (they had other children and other marriages) so I was pretty spoiled as a kid. To … Continue reading

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