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This week’s Bond Girl post focuses on the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. Here’s an excerpt: For Your Eyes Only isn’t like that and that’s surprising. This is the twelfth Eon Productions Bond film and Roger Moore’s fifth. Like … Continue reading

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When Amazon gift cards attack

A few weeks ago I won a $25 gift card through a program I’m running on my computer. It’s a little thing and not a big deal. I completely forgot about it though until yesterday afternoon when I got mail and there was my gift card.

$25 can buy a lot of books so it’s no wonder that I have spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out what books I was going to buy. Finally, I settled on four books that came up to $27 (including like tax and stuff). I’m a little over my gift card’s limit but essentially I’m getting four awesome books on someone else’s dime (and supporting authors I LOVE in the process!)

Here’s what I got with my hard earned gift card because these are all amazing books that everyone should read: Continue reading

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Grayson #9 – A List

I am really into making lists right now so here are 9 things that I loved, liked, or lost time thinking about while reading (and rereading) Grayson #9. Continue reading

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Another day, another bland MCU casting

I’m sure that Tom Holland will do an admirable job as Spider-Man in the MCU.

What I’m also sure of is that we really didn’t need another white teenage version of Peter Parker. This is our third live action Spider-Man and it’s not like they’re going to do anything different about this film to warrant this casting decision.

Peter Parker’s backstory is set in stone.

You do the character as a teenager just starting out and you have to do it all over again: the deaths of his parents, the loss of Uncle Ben, betrayal at the hands of his friend Harry, and him coming to terms with his new powers. I’m all for superhero origin stories but not when we’ve gotten five Spider-Man films in the past twelve years with two of those films revolving around the same main plots of Peter’s life.

At this point, Peter Parker as a teenager just isn’t interesting. Continue reading

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Bond Girl: Moonraker

This week’s Bond Girl recap was about the strangely unsatisfying Moonraker.

This movie is just very derivative for me and it’s not a good feeling because James Bond movies are two hours long.

Two hours are a lot of time to spend watching overused tropes in a plot that we basically explored in the last movie. This is honestly the first of Moore’s movies where I kept checking the clock and hoping that it was almost over because it was in turns boring and annoying.

How is this one of the highest grossing Bond films?

To read more, head on over to The Mary Sue for Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating and give it a read. There you’ll find snark, complaining about the major holes in the villain’s master plan, and the odd historical reference. Continue reading

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Father’s Day

My mother may have taught me to read, but I would be nowhere far in nerddom (or in life, really) if not for my father. Continue reading

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Bond Girl: The Spy Who Loved Me

This might be my favorite James Bond movie.

At the very least, it’s definitely one of the best Bond movies in Roger Moore’s run.

It definitely has my favorite Bond villain and one of the most amazing Bond girls in the entire franchise. It also has the best shark-related scene in the franchise – a scene that blows the one from Thunderball out of the water. Continue reading

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On Christopher Lee

The thing about Christopher Lee’s death that gets me good is when I think about how much a staple he’s been in my life as a history nerd and a film buff. He’s been in a huge chunk of films … Continue reading

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Street Harassment SUCKS!

You know those old Tex Avery cartoons with the wolf like Swing Shift Cinderella or Red Hot Riding Hood?

They’re the ones where the overly amorous horndog wolf makes an actual fool of himself over a woman that isn’t interested in him in the slightest. He hoots, he hollers. He bangs on the table and howls at the moon like he doesn’t have anything better to do with himself than make loud noises to harass women.

Picture those cartoons in your head.

Picture them real good.

That’s what I had to deal with on my way to work this morning. Continue reading

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Sexualized Saturdays: Imposed Gender and Asari

Originally posted on Lady Geek Girl and Friends:
I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, and after years of thinking of how to write it I still have no conclusive plan but to jump in and finally do…

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