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[Rant] When People on Pedestals Fall Off: MCU Cast Edition

This post contains mentions of sexism-as-humor and uncensored gendered slurs.   I’m pretty sure that everyone that cares about the Avengers or hates sexism has heard about what happened with Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner when doing press for Age … Continue reading

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Her Universe and the DC’s Super Hero Girls Initiative

Today, I woke up to two interesting things going on in comics. Both things revolved around women and girls in comics. I have thoughts on both but I’m a wee bit grumpy about them weirdly enough (thankfully, some commentary from … Continue reading

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I just started a new job this week. I’m working part time at a local app developer doing what I do best: typing. One one hand, I’m happy to have the job and so far it’s been fabulous. (My only … Continue reading

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Bond Girl – Week Two

Whoa! I’m still going strong with these pieces! This week, I look at From Russia With Love,. Unfortunately, this happens to be my least favorite Bond movie so far. Excerpt: It only took five minutes in my very first rewatch to … Continue reading

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[TV Show] Daredevil

AKA: How I spent an entire weekend in front of Netflix. In the interest of full-disclosure, I have a confession to make: I don’t know that much about Daredevil. I saw the Ben Affleck films and I’ve seen him in … Continue reading

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#tbt – Pulp Fiction: The Spider

Originally this was supposed to be a simple #tbt focus on a specific book but really, it wound up being kind of a love note to the pulps. I got into The Spider because of The Shadow.  I have about fifty episodes … Continue reading

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Look Ma: I’m on the Front Page of TheMarySue

Holy crap!! I’m on the front page of TheMarySue! Ah! I feel like I’m moving up in the world! Wow! If you like super critical reviews of stuff coupled with that crisis when something you love turns out to be … Continue reading

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[Film Review] Fast & Furious 7

While short, this review does contain spoilers for Fast & Furious 7 both in the text and in the video accompanying it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this isn’t the review for you. I loved the original premise for the … Continue reading

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[Book Review] The Queen of all That Dies by Laura Thalassa

Book Rating: Recommended I’m not sure how I stumbled across this book. One minute I was looking for comic book history books on my kindle and the next thing I know I was neck deep in this gritty-as-hell post-apocalyptic universe … Continue reading

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[Fiction] Temptation Valley – The Beginning

Isabella finds herself with a job, a home, and what might be a reason to stop running all in a very short time. Note: This is the first story in a series. Isabella rides into Temptation Valley in the early … Continue reading

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